Continuous-flow machines: calculation, design and manufacturing

stroemtec supplies a package with a wide range of innovative and effective functions for calculating, designing and manufacturing continuous-flow machines.


Centrifugal compressor - a stand-alone software solution for designing and calculating centrifugal compressors including the characteristic field.


For the automated construction and manufacturing of centrifugal compressor impellers we offer an automation solution which is integrated in Siemens NX.


Our many years of software engineering and 5-axis processing experience has been utilised to develop optimised cutting strategies that are simple to use and have impressive machine run times. The package is based upon a function library. We are therefore in a position to quickly develop new strategies and rapidly implement your wishes and requirements.

Basis of NX

The Siemens NX CAD/CAM package is an excellent CAM basis due to its open structure and extremely powerful programming interface. The stroemtec automation and machining functions are fully integrated in NX (in the so-called ONT Navigator). Of course, the tool paths that are generated can be graphically and mathematically checked using NX tool simulation (cutting simulation) and NX machine simulation.