Create Impeller: automated construction and manufacturing

For the construction and manufacturing of centrifugal compressor impellers we offer an automation solution which is integrated in Siemens NX. Within a few minutes you will obtain a complete parametric 3D-model, the blank, NC-operations as well as post-processed NC-programs.


Starting from a data file with support points which you get from the calculation software, the splines for the inside and outside shapes and the blades are generated first, afterwards the surfaces and the fillets are built, trimmed and connected forming a solid.


In addition, the blank is built as solid.

The 3D-model as well as the blank are parametric so that without any restriction, the user can continue to work on the details like on a manual, interactive built construction.


Furthermore, predefined manufacturing templates can be set, which give the necessary information for machining, e.g. feeds, speeds, allowance. With this, the necessary tool movements are calculated all-automatically and output through the postprocessor.